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Vertical Cable Railing Frame Styles

This cable railing frame style facilitates the use of cables in the vertical position, running from the top rail to the bottom rail.

Drawings later in this document illustrate fabricating the railing from pipe. Square or rectangular tubing can also be used, but we recommend a minimum wall thickness of 1/4″ in your frame material.

An Invisiware Threaded Stud on one end of the cable is screwed into a drilled and tapped hole in the underside of the top rail. An Invisiware receiver is inserted into a hole drilled through the bottom rail. A threaded stud on the other end of the cable is inserted into the receiver, and the cable is tensioned by turning the receiver with an Allen wrench.

Because the Invisiware receiver goes all the way through a hole in the lower rail, a stainless steel frame must be used in exterior applications, to prevent rust in the frame.

This style has been designed to perform satisfactorily when subjected to the tension encountered when multiple load points (cables) are attached and tensioned properly on the top and bottom rails. Detailed downloadable drawings (see later in this document) show proper spacing of the cables horizontally on the top and bottom posts to allow for cable flex within allowable limits to meet most code requirements (that a 4″ sphere shall not pass through at any point). Note that we recommend special rail braces to replace every eighth cable, to keep the top and bottom rails from bending when the cables are tensioned.

Material specifications for railings with vertically run cables

Carbon or Stainless Steel Structural Tubing
Size and Shape Minimum Wall Thickness Posts and Top and Bottom Rails
2″ x 2″ Square .250″
Round Steel or Stainless Steel Piple ** See Note
Size Outside Diameter Minimum Wall Thickness Posts and Top and Bottom Rails
Use Minimum Schedule 80
1-1/4″ Pipe 1.660″ .191″
1-1/2″ Pipe 1.900″ .200″
2″ Pipe 2.375″ .218″
** Note: For tubing, use wall thickness approximating wall thickness of pipe schedule shown.
Rail Braces 
For use in place of a cable at least every eighth cable on 3.125″ centers between structural post to support top and bottom rails under tension.
Material Specify
Steel .625″ diameter x .120″ wall type 4130 Chrom/Moly tubing
Stianless Steel .625″ diameter x .120″ wall seamless stainless steel tubing

Downloadable Drawings / Vertical

Detailed downloadable drawings for use with most commonly used programs are available for the following frame constructions. Access drawings on the web site by going to Metal Railing Styles with Downloadable Drawings under Architects and Other Design Professionals . (Note drawings are scaled for railings ½” higher than 36” and 42” to allow for carpeting. Overall height dimensions on drawings can be reduced by ½” for applications without carpeting.)

1-1/4″ Pipe x 36-1/2″ high
1-1/4″ Pipe x 42-1/2″ high
1-1/2″ Pipe x 36-1/2″ high
1-1/2″ Pipe x 42-1/2″ high
2″ Pipe x 36-1/2″ high
2″ Pipe x 42-1/2″ high
Corner section
Corner section plan view for 1-1/4″ pipe
Corner section plan view for 1-1/2″ pipe
Corner section plan view for 2″ pipe
Updated on June 12, 2018

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