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Quality Expectations

For: Handrail Mouldings and Terminals; Cast Fittings and Architectural Shapes:

Wagner sells these products for their uniqueness and aesthetic qualities – critical to the manufacture of beautiful railings. The components which make up these families of products are manufactured using methods, tooling and patterns which have been shown to exhibit variation over time. No two products can be expected to be exactly alike. Additionally, any dimensions indicated are for reference only. The buyer must expect some fabrication to occur, as these products are not meant for simple assembly. For example: a terminal casting may show an inclusion when polishing is completed while Ball Style Fittings will vary in finish and dimension.

Continuous improvement of these products is essential to the success of our customers. We use the data collected from product feedback to determine when tooling or method modification is needed. These modifications must also be weighed against the traditional expectations of end-users. Change is not made unless expectations can be satisfied while still improving the product.

Recognizing that the uniqueness of the product may not work for all situations, customers are encouraged to evaluate samples whenever possible. Wagner sales staff will make every effort to satisfy inquires into a specific product or family of products. Should a purchase be made and the product found to be unsuitable, the standard return policy of Wagner Companies will apply.

Updated on June 12, 2018

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