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Single Lock Splice-Lock™

SINGLE-LOCK SPLICE-LOCK™ Available in steel, aluminum alloy 3003 and stainless steel type 304. Splice-Locks™ are designed for the alignment of handrail sections and as expansion joints. They are most effective as a joint stiffener when used within 12" of a welded post or handrail bracket.

The screw hole is threaded into the connector and the Splice-Lock’s™ prongs hold the piece together as a unit allowing for simple insertion into the pipe or tube. The set screw is a headless socket with a cup end.

Splice-Locks™ have a similar shear strength as standard pipe but are not to be used in post assemblies.

Single-Lock Splice-Locks™ are for use as connectors or expansion joints. For maximum strength, use Double-Lock Splice-Locks™ shown on the next page.
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3340 Splice Lock


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Use as Connectors or Expansion Joints


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The Splice-Lock™ contacts the inside of the tube or pipe in four areas along its length to ensure alignment and 
maximum strength.


  1. Drill 13/32" diameter hole for 3/8" screws or 11/32" hole for 5/16" screws. This clear hole should be centered 3/8" from the end of each pipe or tube for 3-3/4" Splice-Locks™ or 17/32" to center for 6" Splice-Locks™, as shown.
  2. Insert Splice-Lock™ into this first section.
  3. Insert and partially tighten the set screw.
  4. Slide other section to be joined over the Splice-Lock™.
  5. Complete tightening of the set screw until no movement is possible.Resultant action: Splice-Lock™ contacts inside of pipe or tube in four areas along the full length to ensure alignment and maximum strength.

    Note: Both sections to be joined must have the same wall thickness

Updated on June 12, 2018

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