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Installation questions on how the PS4019 Socket is installed

Q.   I need more info on flange, like what is finished dimension, how does lock bolt fit in relation to flange, also what happens when we remove railing is there another flange to cover the         opening?  Seems to me that to hold the flange with railing in place we need to have the stainless steel washer sitting on top of flange to hold the flange in place as well as the railing,       is this correct?  What is small bolt on side of socket.

A.   The socket flange PS-4019 is designed to be set in place and cast into the concrete flush with the surface. The small screw on the side is for electrical grounding for code compliance.

The flush base flange 2614 is large enough to cover the socket flange and stainless bolt. This flange would only be held in place by gravity, or silicone if desired.  If desired, you could use a heavy flush base flange 1537 with a set-screw to hold the cover flange in place. See drawings attached.

We do not have a plug to cover the socket flange when the rail is not in place. These are typically used for swimming pools where the entire area is covered when the rails are not in place.

There is no standard plug for the opening however a drive on end cap could be purchased and a piece of pipe cut about 3-5/8” long and you

Can make your own plug.  Aluminum would probably be the best to use, less costly and no rust.   You would drop your pipe plug in the

Opening and tighten the screw to hold in place.

The cover flange just sets in place over the top of the socket and screw for a clean look.  No way to lock down.  You could silicone it in place and cut the silicone when you need to remove.

There is another flange that is not flush that has a set screw.  Wagner part number 1537 in Type 304 Stainless Steel.

All of the dimensions are available online.  Go to www.shopwagner.com   search for part number PS-4019, 2614 and 1537 and you

Will see a .pdf is available for each part.

The screw on the side is a ground screw for swimming pool rails

Updated on June 12, 2018

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