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Can acrylic be used with our Panel Grip profile?

There is no reason that you couldn’t use acrylic over glass with the following provisions:

  1. Structural integrity of the acrylic
  2. Nominal thickness of the acrylic. – The Panel Grip mechanisms have a clamping range in which the clamps perform. In my experience ¾” thick acrylic isn’t typically ¾” thick and therefore I would encourage you to ensure the actual material thickness falls within the clamping range of the fitting. See attached catalog page for clarification.
  3. Our test data is only supportive of using either tempered monolithic and or tempered laminated glass. Unfortunately I do not have data in support of our system and the use of acrylic and therefore I would have to direct you to  the manufacturer of the acrylic as well as a structural engineer for clarification regarding suitability.
  4. The Panel Grip 2 base extrusion is offered in alloy 6005 T5 with a mill finish outward appearance. Without a suitable post extruded finish being applied to the product I would have concerns regarding the durability and product performance in a corrosive environment. Note if you opt to anodize the base extrusion to mitigate the risk against salt water corrosion a secondary consequence of the honeycomb design and differential outer wall  material thicknesses is to create visual markers on the base’s outer facing surfaces. You may wish to consider opting for a painted surface and if so I would ask you to review suitability with a qualified paint applicator.
Updated on June 12, 2018

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