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Automatic Tube Polisher

New polishing machine provides consistent finish of polished material and shortened lead times.

The Wagner Companies has added a long length automatic tube polisher to its manufacturing operation for circumferential finishing of pipe, tube and round bar.

The machine is a four head automatic tube polisher for circumferential finishing of steel and stainless steel tube or solid bar stock. It is capable of automatically feeding 21 foot lengths of material with an outside diameter of 1 to 9 inches at a rate of approximately 4 feet per minute.

Multiple polishing heads allow up to four different abrasive operations to run in one pass providing a consistent texture and surface appearance on all material.

The desired finish can be specified by a belt finish designation — i.e., 240-grit or 320-grit finish — or by common mechanical finishing terms — i.e., #4 or #6 satin finishes — to match other fittings and components.

Wagner estimates the automatic tube polisher will shorten lead times for circumferentially polished long length significantly allowing quick turnaround and consistent results.

Updated on June 12, 2018

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